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Post in English - Posted by Crimson Rose on 2006-04-18
I forgot to mention, if you're going to post a summary or what not, post in English. No offense to those who are from another country or do not no English. We love you! Don't post it in another language. This is an English site. Thank you.
Updates on the way.... - Posted by Crimson Rose on 2006-04-18
Hello everyone! I might possibly be the new admin of the site. Since rose is in my username, you can call me Rose if you like. It's been a long time since this site has been updated. I'll be working on things and making some changes for this site. We appreciate some of the submittions that you guys have made such as episode summaries. If there already is an episode summary, another one doesn't need to be posted. If you're going to help out and post an episode summary or a spoiler, warn the viewer if there are going to be any spoilers. I will be adding more summaries since some have been deleted. There will be a short one for those who want to have an idea of what it's about and another one for those who want to have a better idea. Stay tuned for updates!

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